Anal Sex – Read this to your lady and thank us later

intro-analAnal sex – Read this to your lady and thank us later

Recently I became fascinated with anal sex – watching it on Youporn, and starting to pester my wife for anal sex – she is still warming to the idea but I went ahead and bought a butt plug from my local adult store (click here to see their butt plugs range – the one I bought was small, an introduction size – thanks ST247 for the helpful advice in choosing!). Hence writing this blog piece on anal sex, anal sex toys, butt plugs, etc.

The most common taboo when it comes to heterosexual sex is anal sex. Yes, unfortunately for many of us, this is still …

It’s fun to be kinky!

fetish-introFetishes – It’s good to be kinky

I was reading this great piece on Love Panky about kinky ideas (click here to read the piece) and it made me think about my own experiences .. and what I think are some the lower end fetishes that most people would enjoy.

Fetishes are often considered taboo even today, but in an appropriate private atmosphere, the partners usually won’t hesitate to share with each other what gets them hard and wet. Or at least they shouldn’t, because technically, fetish is just a focus on inanimate object (e.g. shoe), part of the body (e.g. foot) or material (such as leather or silk), which is essential for a person to experience sexual …

Female masturbation – A quick-read guide

female-mastFemale masturbation – A quick-read guide

If there wasn’t so much free porn and live cams, female masturbation would still be shrouded in mystery for some of us. They’re usually reluctant to talk about it even with close friends, and they keep for themselves the magnificent techniques which bring them overwhelming pleasures when they’re alone. That’s probably why so many women wouldn’t dare to ask how sex toys can help them with masturbation, and that’s why we’ve made this little list (and also to tickle our male readers’ imagination).

From BuzzFeed


Vibrators are known to give women some of the best orgasms in their life. If you’ve ever talked with a woman who uses a vibrator – she probably …

Bedroom advice – A few things you shouldn’t do

sex tipsBedroom advice – A few things you shouldn’t do

Did you know that women like sex as much as men? No kidding! However, their vision of what should happen in bed is still somewhat different, maybe because they’ve read tons of cheap erotic novels and grew up on Disney’s cartoons. Men are equally deluded, no doubt, as they in turn grew up on awkard Power Rangers series and macho stereotypes presented by G.I. Joes and such, not to mention multigalaxies of porn. So after we’ve established that bedroom norms and expectations are probably “implanted” in the brains of both sexes, while in reality there are no rules in bed, here’s a few things most women don’t like for obvious reasons.…

Big breasts in summer – Annoying!

Big breasts in summer – We bet you’d never thought there’s ANY kind of problem there

Summer time can be tough for women with bigger bust. Well, this is bit of a shock if you’re a man, or a woman with little tits, but when you think about it for a second – it makes a lot of sense. Large breasts can be a real pain in the ass when the weather gets hot and you have to pack those beasts in thin dresses and shirts. Here are some of the things women with big breasts hate during this time of year. Or anytime, to be true…

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Yep, all women are happy with their big breasts during …